Sample Ballot Opt-Out Info

Options for Receiving Your Sample Ballot Pamphlet

You have a choice in how you receive your Sample Ballot Pamphlet. Beginning January 1, 2011, state law (AB1717) allows voters to “go green” by choosing to opt-out of receiving their Sample Ballot Pamphlet by mail, and accessing them electronically instead.


How do I change the way I receive my Sample Ballot Pamphlet?


Use our online form to request that mail delivery of your Sample Ballot Pamphlet be stopped, OR to restart mail delivery again if you previously had it stopped.


Ø Opt-Out: Indicates a voter does not want to receive his/her Pamphlet by mail, but rather electronically.

Ø Opt-In: Indicates a voter previously received his/her Pamphlet electronically, and now wants to start receiving his/her Pamphlet again by mail.





Please keep in mind that depending upon when you submit your form, your Sample Ballot Pamphlet mailing for the upcoming election may already be in process. If you are submitting your request less than 65 days prior to a scheduled election it will not take effect until the following scheduled election. Sample Ballot Pamphlets will be available online approximately 30 days before each election.


The law requires the County election official to confirm a voter’s identity. The online form will require that you provide either your California driver’s license or identification card number, or the last four digits of your social security number. The driver’s license or last portion of the social security number are only required for the online form due to the absence of a signature. Any information provided by the voter will remain confidential by the elections officials.


How will I receive my Sample Ballot Pamphlet electronically if I’ve opted out?


Approximately 30 days prior to a scheduled election you will receive your Sample Ballot Pamphlet via the e-mail you have provided to our office. The Sample Ballot Pamphlet will also be available on this website.


If I decide to stop receiving my Sample Ballot Pamphlet by mail, where can I find it online?


Approximately 30 days prior to an election, your Sample Ballot Pamphlet and polling place location will be available for you to read online. A link will be posted in advance of each election on the home page and also on the left hand margin.


I receive my Sample Ballot Pamphlet by mail now and I don’t want to change.


Not a problem. If you are currently receiving your Sample Ballot Pamphlet by mail and you want to continue, you do not need to do anything. There is nothing you need to fill out. Your Sample Ballot Pamphlet will continue to be sent to you by mail.


The CDL/CID or SSN are only required for the online form to confirm your identity due to the absence of the signature.


If you have further questions regarding this program contact our office

at 530-886-5650 or toll free in California at 1-800-824-8683.




7 Good Reasons to Go Green, Go Paperless


It’s Convenient

In just a few keystrokes you can access your Sample Ballot Pamphlet anytime from anywhere. There’s no need to keep track of where you put your paper copy, it’s always there!

It’s Flexible

You can view, save, print part or all of the Sample Ballot Pamphlet, and e-mail it to a friend in just a minute or two. And, you can do this as many times as you like.

It’s Paperless

You won’t have more paper or multiple copies of this Sample Ballot Pamphlet cluttering up your home and filling up your recycling bin.

It’s Your Choice

If you find that you would rather have a paper copy of the Sample Ballot Pamphlet, you can. Just let us know.

It’s Free
There’s no cost to make this publication available online; we have already produced it for print. If you choose a paperless copy of this pamphlet, it saves taxpayer dollars.

It’s Good for the Planet
It saves trees, reduces the carbon footprint, and lessens the load in our landfill.



Go Green!


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