Campaign Resources

Placer County Elections Office

Ryan Ronco, Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters
2956 Richardson Drive, Auburn CA 95603
Election Services to Candidates: (530) 886-5650
Election Services Fax: (530) 886-5688

Resources & Services The Elections Office Can Provide For You:

Precinct Index (Walking List)

Printed list by Precinct or District
Sorted by Street Name, House#, Voter Name
Includes Political Party & Phone#
NOT to be used for ‘mailings’
$5 per 5,000 names rounded to the next 5000
(Example: 33,000 voters = $35)

Registered Voter List (Alpha List)

Printed list by Precinct, District, or County-wide
Alphabetical by Voter Name
Includes Residential and Mailing Address
Many formats/information available
$5 per 5,000 names rounded to the next 5000
(Example: 33,000 voters = $35)

Registered Voter Data File

Electronic file(tab delimited text file)
Available on CD, E-mail (size permitting) or FTP
$100 County-wide voter file
$125 County-wide voter file including voter history
(May specify up to 5 elections)
$25 District file, per 30,000 voters rounded to the next 30,000
(Includes voter history for 5 elections).

Vote By Mail Voter Files

Electronic file in tab delimited text format
Shows who has requested and/or returned a Vote by Mail Ballot
Billing account and calendar required
$35 Initial File includes all voters who are scheduled to
receive a Vote By Mail ballot
$10 Ballot Issued Update File shows who has recently
requested a Vote By Mail ballot
$10 Ballot Returned Update File shows who has returned their
Vote By Mail ballot

Precinct/District Maps

Precinct and District Maps are available
Prices vary. Please call the Office of Elections for a quote
Application to Purchase Election Maps

Mailing Labels

Printed by District (.10 cents per label)
Can be One per Voter or One per Household
Household labels (‘The Smith Residence’)
are usually 60% to 65% of full district

Application to Purchase/View Voter Registration Information

Extra information regarding electronic Registered Voter Data Files

All service requests must be accompanied by a signed application and a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, state identification card, or other identification approved by the Secretary of State if the applicant does not have a driver’s license or state identification card. Please complete and sign the application and either scan/email, fax, mail or deliver it in person to the Office of Elections. Payment may be required prior to job completion. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

If the information you require is not listed above, please contact our office for any special request. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Data you can trust – from the source. Campaign with confidence.