Placer County Districts

Placer County is divided into many districts at a federal, state, and local level. Local districts include school districts, fire protection districts, water districts, community services districts, and various others. Many of our districts are shared with neighboring counties.

The ballot a voter receives will reflect which districts they live in and are eligible to vote on.

To see where the boundaries of local districts are, see Placer County Open Data on ArcGIS. More detailed district maps are available for purchase at our office with an application: see the Campaign Resources page.

United States Congressional Districts

State Senator Districts

State Assembly Districts

State Board of Equalization Districts

County Supervisorial Districts

City Districts

School Districts

County Boards of Education

Community College Districts

Unified School Districts

High School Districts

Elementary School Districts

Special Districts

Airport Districts

Community Services Districts

Fire Protection Districts

Hospital Districts

Irrigation Districts

Municipal Utility Districts

Public Utility Districts

Recreation and Park Districts

Resort Improvement Districts

Resource Conservation Districts

Sanitary Districts

Water Agencies

Water Districts

*Conducts landowner elections, which means property owners, not necessarily residents, vote for board members.