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      Important Dates

      Star July 3, 2024

      Last day resolution and boundary maps can be presented to the Elections Office to guarantee placement of measure on ballot.

      Star July 8 – July 26, 2024

      Candidate workshops conducted during this period (dates and locations to be scheduled).

      Star July 15, 2024

      Candidate filing period begins for this election.

      Star July 30, 2024

      Last day that a candidate from the Primary Election may request a different ballot designation for use in General Election.

      Star July 31, 2024

      Last day to file semi-annual campaign statements (from last statement to 06/30/24).

      Star August 9, 2024

      Impartial analysis due. Tax rate statement due if applicable to measure.

      Star August 9, 2024

      Last day to file arguments

      Star August 9, 2024

      Close of regular candidate filing period. This period is extended if an eligible incumbent fails to file.

      Star August 14, 2024

      Close of extended candidate filing period.

      Star August 15, 2024

      Random alphabet draw to be held at 11a.m. to determine the ballot order of candidates’ names.

      Star August 19, 2024

      Last day to file rebuttal arguments for and against all measures.

      Star September 9, 2024

      Write-in candidate filing period begins.

      Star September 26, 2024

      Last day to file 1st pre-election campaign statements (from 07/01/2024-09/21/2024).

      Star October 7, 2024

      Ballots will be mailed to all active registered voters by this date. Ballots can begin being processed.

      Star October 7, 2024

      Ballots mailed to all active registered voters. First day to begin processing ballots.

      Star October 7, 2024

      County Voter Information Guides will be mailed to voters by this date.

      Star October 22, 2024

      First day for conditional registration for this election.

      Star October 22, 2024

      Close of write-in candidate filing period.

      Star October 24, 2024

      Last day to file 2nd pre-election campaign statements (from 09/22/2024-10/19/2024).

      Star October 29, 2024

      Last day to request ballot be mailed – request requires an original signature.

      Star October 29, 2024

      Last day to request a ballot by mail.

      Star November 5, 2024


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