Voter Action Request Form, to make various minor changes to your voter record, cancel your voter registration, or cancel a deceased relative’s voter registration.

Voter Cancellation Request Form, if you would prefer a simpler form to cancel your voter registration.

Certified Proof of Registration Application, to receive a certificate confirming that you are registered to vote in Placer County.

Voter Registration Card Statement of Distribution, to become a circulator of Voter Registration Cards.

Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), to register to vote as a Military or Overseas (UOCAVA) voter.

National Mail Voter Registration Form, as another way to register to vote.

Vote by Mail

Replacement Vote by Mail Ballot Application, if you did not receive, lost, or damaged your vote-by-mail ballot.

Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Application, if you wish to receive your vote-by-mail ballot electronically and print it out.

Signature Verification Statement, if we notify you that your vote-by-mail return envelope signature did not match your voter record.

Unsigned Ballot Statement, if we notify you that your vote-by-mail return envelope signature was missing.

Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), for Military or Overseas (UOCAVA) voters.

Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB), for Military or Overseas (UOCAVA) voters.

Campaign Disclosure Forms

FPPC Forms

Campaign Disclosure Manuals

Campaign Disclosure Manuals 

Forms for Candidates

Note: The paperwork required to place one’s name on the ballot must be obtained in person at the Elections Office.

Candidate Authorization Form

Placer County Political Sign Deposit Form

CA State Department of Transportation Statement of Responsibility for Political Signs

If you place political signs within a city’s limits, contact that city for its rules and regulations

Request to Purchase/View Voter Information

FPPC Form 802

Information and forms filed with the County

District Forms

Statement of Facts/Addendum/Oath of Office

District Survey

Vacancy Packets

School Districts

Special Districts

Public Utility Districts


Information and Packet

Links to Other Websites

Federal Elections Commission

Fair Political Practices Commission

Training and Outreach: Candidates, Treasurers, and Committees

Secretary of State’s Homepage

Statewide Ballot Initiative Guide


Contact Information for California County Election Offices

Legislative District Maps

California Election Code

Cities in Placer County







How To Publications

How To Place A Measure On The Ballot

A Guide To Registering Voters

When And How To Call An Election

Countywide Initiatives

District Initiatives