Online Accessible Voter Information Guide

Placer County Elections provides two ways to access our online Voter Information Guide which are compatible with screen readers to assist voters with disabilities.

Candidate statements and measure text (i.e., propositions) for statewide candidates and measures are available on  Secretary of State Voter Guide website.

Option 1 – Placer County Accessible Voter Information Guide

Click the link above to access Placer County Elections’ online Accessible Voter Information Guide.

The page will ask for your precinct number, which depends on your registered residence address. To find your precinct, go to the My Representatives page and follow these steps:

  1. Select your city.
  2. Enter your house number.
  3. Enter a few letters of your street name.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Select your street from the list below the Submit button.

This will open the list of your districts and elected officials on the right. Your precinct is shown in blue below the Submit button.

Enter your precinct number on the Placer County Accessible Voter Information Guide page to see your guide.

Option 2 – Placer County Your Voter Guide Website

Click the link above to access Placer County Elections’ Your Voter Guide website.

This website displays a list of candidates and measures on your ballot, along with candidate statements of qualifications, measure texts, and arguments for and against proposed measures.

The Your Voter Guide website requires you to enter only the residence address where you are registered to vote. Please include the street direction (N, S, E, W) if needed. Click Search to see your guide.