Election Tracker Results

Election Results

We will begin posting the semi-official results for all contests in the Election at approximately 8:10 pm – just after the closing of the polls – with counted, early Vote by Mail (absentee) returns. This first report will be followed by updates beginning at about 9:30 pm as results from precinct cast ballots are received into our Election office. New reports will be issued and posted at approximately 30 minute intervals until results are in from all the precincts.

Don’t forget to refresh your browser periodically (using the Refresh or the Reload button at the top of your browser or using your mouse, right click and select refresh) to view the most recent results.

The last report of vote totals on Election Night is a semi-official report only and is not issued until the ballots cast or turned in at the polls have been received from all precincts; this may be around midnight or as late as 2:00 am.

The final, official report or Statement of Vote for the Election is issued at the close of the Official Canvass (to be completed within 30 days of the Election) and contains the final vote totals for the County. The Statement of Vote could have more than 20,000 additional votes over the total counted on Election Night, mostly from vote by mail ballots received on Election Day

Election Tracker

Between the Election Night reporting updates, take a look at our new, customizable Election Tracker reporting feature on our Web site. Election Tracker allows you to focus on those contests that are important and of interest to you. You can easily select by contest or measure and see the detailed results. You can also break down results by precincts or by how the votes are cast.

  • To use Election Tracker, start by clicking on Choose a Contest.
  • Then select from the races and measures on Placer County ballots for this election.
    For example, if you want to follow the race for President and Vice President in the County, you would select (highlight) that race on the list and then click on View Contest.
  • This will bring up a list of the candidates for the race you have selected.
  • You would then select View Detail to see the total for current, counted results of this race or contest in Placer County.

You may also select one or more precincts for this race or contest if you just want to see how some of the voters in the County are voting!

  • To select a precinct, simply find the precinct location and number (scroll up or down as needed), highlight that precinct, and then click on View Precinct Results.
  • You may also choose to see how certain districts, such as the 1st Senate District, are voting on the race or contest in Placer County that you have selected.
  • To select a district, highlight the district(s) and then click on View District Results.
Election Tracker is still under development, but we hope you will find it a helpful and interesting addition to Election Night reporting for the County!

Also, for those of you that like to compare current statistics with prior election years, take a look at Past Elections here on the Web site. Choose an election from those displayed in the left side navigation pane, and then select Statement of Vote and compare turnout, voter and party registration, candidates and results. Additional results from prior elections in the County, back to 2002, are located in past elections.

Election Canvass

As noted above, the vote count for the Election will become official upon the completion of the Canvass of the vote. The election canvass process is an internal audit required by state law to ensure the accuracy of election results and must be completed within 28 days of the Election. The canvass procedures are covered in California Elections Code §15300 through §15376. Elections Code §15301 states that the canvass must begin no later than the first Thursday after Election Day and continue daily, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until it is completed.

The following list of tasks (and the average length of time necessary to perform these tasks) all must be carried out during the canvass.

  1. Disassembly of Precinct Supplies (3-5 weekdays)

    All supply bags for each election are inspected for ballots and the materials sent to each precinct are identified, sorted and placed in our warehouse for storage.

  2. Vote By Mail Ballot Counting (7-10 weekdays)

    Vote by mail ballots dropped off at polling places on Election Day are sorted, signature verified, opened and counted. We expect as many as 18,000-22,000 vote by mail ballots to be delivered to the polls on Election Day.

  3. Provisional Ballot Verification (7-10 weekdays)

    Provisional ballots are ballots issued at the polls to voters under certain circumstances (voter’s name is not on roster, voter cannot locate vote by mail ballot, etc.). Each provisional ballot must be carefully researched for eligibility by the Elections Office staff before the ballot can be counted. If eligible, the ballot then goes through the same steps outlined in #2 above.

  4. Roster Reconciliation (3-5 weekdays)

    Precinct rosters are forwarded to the reconciliation board for examination. Each ballot tally sheet is matched against the number of ballots voted at the precinct to ensure that all ballots are recorded.

  5. 1% Manual Tally (2-5 weekdays)

    At least one precinct, including vote by mail precincts, for each race or measure on the County’s ballots are counted by hand to verify the computer count.

  6. Final Official Tally (1-2 weekdays)

    All additional qualified ballots from the official canvass are added to the semi-official total from Election Night to produce a final official tally. A precinct-by-precinct breakdown of votes cast in this election is produced and an official certification of the election is prepared. Elections Code §15372 requires the election official to compile this information no later than 28 days after the election.

All aspects of the canvass are open to public inspection. Learn more about the Canvass here.

As indicated, the canvass concludes with the certification and issuance of official election results, called the Statement of Vote. Once the results are certified, you may view or download the Statement of Vote from our Web site and review it.

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