Community Outreach

Ryan Ronco, County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters

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Student Poll Worker Program

The Placer County Office of Elections implemented the “Student Poll Worker Program” as a part of its innovative High School Outreach Program. The Student Poll Worker Program, established under California Elections Code §12302, allows eligible students to be appointed as poll workers and participate in the operation of a polling place on Election Day.

Over one thousand students throughout Placer County have participated in the Student Poll Worker Program since early 1999. Prior to Election Day, student poll workers may attend a three-hour training class. On Election Day, student poll workers will work from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at an assigned polling place within Placer County. Student participation in the electoral process will broaden their understanding and commitment to democracy.

High School Voter Outreach Program

In order to educate our high school seniors, this program was implemented in 1993 for high schools throughout the entire Placer County area – from Lincoln and all the way to Lake Tahoe.

The goal of the program is to register the students to vote, and to reiterate the importance of voting. They are also encouraged to get involved in the community through local political party platforms. This program has been received exceptionally well by both the students and the community which makes us very pleased about its success.

A County Supervisor or other local elected official that represents the area in which the school is located speaks on how being involved in local politics impacts and benefits the community. Many of the speakers recount projects they have worked on and inform the students of issues that are currently under consideration. Then one representative from each political party is encouraged to speak on party philosophy and to address their party’s platform. Recent representatives have included members of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green parties. After all party representatives have spoken we give the students the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

In addition, the students are given the opportunity to vote mock ballots using actual voting equipment and booths. The students are also registered to vote as part of the program and a great number of them voted for the first time after they graduated.

Election brochures and handouts available to the students include “Placer County Voter’s Guide” (for new registered voters), website addresses for the qualified political parties, and a handout that summarizes the different political party platforms.

Voter registration and voter turnout on Election Day has increased with the 18-24 year old’s since the inception of this program, another indication of its success.

Senior Citizen Voter Outreach

Placer County considers our senior citizen groups to be some of the most valuable who exercise their right to vote. They keep up to date on political issues and have been faithful voters throughout the years. In order to keep their registrations current, we have implemented an outreach program for those senior citizens who have moved into senior residential homes and assisted care homes. Election staff assists these voters with completing voter registration cards and offer permanent vote by mail status. Election personnel can determine if the voter is registered at their current residence address by looking at the registration rolls. This innovative outreach program has been very successful and rewarding.