Vote by mail lists CD / E-mail

There are 3 forms that need to be filled out completely and turned in together. They can be turned in by mail, at the counter, or faxed using the contact information below.

Vote by Mail Account Setup

  1. APPLICATION TO PURCHASE/VIEW VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION – Per Election Code, a copy of a driver’s license, state identification card or other ID approved by the SOS needs to be included or verified at the front counter. Application to Purchase/View Voter Registration Information
  2. ACCOUNT SETUP FORM – Initial setup and file is $35 and each update after that is $10. A bill will be sent after the election for the full amount due. Account Setup Form
  3. ELECTION CALENDAR – Customers need to write on the calendar for each day they would like a report and list the type of report they want (ie Initial, Issues, or Returns).
    Election Calendar

    Election Calendar Example

Note: Each update the customer receives will include all ballots received/issued from the date of their last request through 12:01 AM on the day of their update request, thus, there is no overlap. For example, a file requested on 9/24/14 would include all data processed from the day of the previous request thru 9/23/14. Completed requests are normally sent via email by 10:00 AM on the requested date. As a security measure, a confirmation email will be sent out ahead of time and will require a reply from the customer confirming the email address is correct. Due to privacy concerns, we can only send files to email addresses that have been confirmed.

Contact Information

Placer County Elections

2954 Richardson Dr

Auburn, CA 95603

Phone: (530) 886-5650

FAX: (530) 886-5688